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Waihī College students raised more than $1460 for Ukraine aid through a school mufti day and lunchtime bake sale. Photo: SUPPLIED

Waihī ‘dream team’ supports Ukraine

Funds raised from a school bake sale will be used to help those in need over in Ukraine during Russia’s invasion of the country.
Waihī College students raised more than $1460 through a school mufti day and lunchtime bake sale, with the funds being sent to Unicef, which will then distribute the money to those in need in Ukraine.
College student and service leader Divyash Swamy told The Profile that “due to the unfortunate and tragic events” that were happening in Ukraine, a fundraiser would be a good way for the school to contribute some assistance.
He also found it beneficial to raise awareness about what was happening around the world.
“People might know what’s going on but maybe not know why it’s happening, so to raise awareness while fundraising made it more worthwhile in my opinion.”
Students brought in a gold coin donation for mufti, as well as any home baking for the bake sale. On offer were a range of cupcakes, cookies, and slices.
“I’m super proud of what Waihī College has accomplished.
“I could not have done it without Wendy Shave, Waihī College’s arts and services coordinator, and the other student leaders here, they were the absolute dream team,” Divyash said.
“As for future goals, my main one would be to just get in behind students and encourage them to give everything their all and to help raise awareness about any other events we’re holding in the school such as Pink Shirt Day, Daffodil Day, talent shows, and more.
“I believe that acts of service should always come from your heart,” he said.
“And by keeping this in your mindset, I’m sure that people will have all the reasons to keep on helping others.”