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Get winter-ready with Smith and Sons

Summer has come to an end, and the cooler nights of autumm are now with us.
While we are still having some warm sunny days, this is a great time to prep your house for winter.
Have you been putting off getting your roof fixed?
Or maybe you would like to enclose your deck so you can still enjoy dinner outside. Is your house cold and damp?
These are all things that Smith and Sons Hauraki can help with!
A key tip from us is to check your insulation. This is an easy way to reduce heat loss, especially in older houses without double glazing. If there are gaps in your insulation, heat will be escaping. The pink bats may require readjusting or the addition of a few more to keep that heat in!
If you own a house that doesn’t have underfloor or ceiling insulation, this would be a great addition before winter and help to keep your home warmer.
Another great tip is to clean out filters from your heat pumps or get your fireplace cleaned, ensuring they are ready and in working order before you need them. This is the perfect time to get Smith and Son’s Hauraki to provide a free quote to get your house winter ready!
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