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From top left: Sienna Moore, Isabella Maclaurin, Caeleigh Monrad, Madison Fowlie, Maia Whitney, Ellie Johnston, Natasha Noble (coach), Teigan Lange, Rosie Thompson (coach). Photo: SUPPLIED

Tumbling good time at GymClub comp

For the members of Thames Gymsports, Labour Weekend was a winner. The club came away with three banner awards at the 2023 National GymClub Challenge, including top club in double mini-tramp, tumbling, and overall top club. 

The GymClub Challenge is a celebration of recreational gymnastics offering gymnasts a place to show their skills across a variety of disciplines. The event was hosted by Manawatu Gymsports in Palmerston North, with close to 300 athletes attending from 15 clubs across the country.

The seven gymnasts from the Thames club spent four days competing in the apparatus, double mini tramp, trampoline, team gym, short track tumbling, and national tumbling events. 

Each of the gymnasts came away with several top six placements in their level across the events, and the team gym group, made up of gymnasts Ellie Johnston, Teigan Lange, Isabella Maclaurin, Madison Fowlie, Maia Whitney came in fifth place overall. 

Thames Gymsports committee member Paige Aitcheson said the club was very proud of the girls who competed, and they were thrilled to see how the girls, many of whom coach the junior gymnasts, exemplified sportsmanship and club values while at the tournament. 

“The girls went above and beyond with showing Thames Gymsports values,” she said. 

“These aspects include initiative, giving things a go and being engaged, positive and safe, along with helping others feel safe. Being supportive, cooperating, and showing self control whilst being a positive role model. Being inspiring, taking opportunities, [and] giving something new a go.” 


Sienna Moore. Apparatus: 1st place vault, 1st= floor, 1st overall. Double mini-tramp: 3rd= overall. Short track tumbling: 2nd overall. National tumbling: 1st overall.
Teigan Lange. Apparatus: 1st place floor, 2nd beam, 1st overall. Double mini-tramp: 1st overall. Trampoline: 3rd= overall. Short track tumbling: 6th overall. National tumbling: 2nd overall.
Ellie Johnston. Apparatus: 1st place bar. Short track tumbling: 1st overall. Nationals tumbling: 1st overall. Double mini-tramp: 2nd overall. Trampoline: 5th overall. 
Isabella Maclaurin. Double mini-tramp: 1st place overall. Trampoline: 1st overall. 
Madison Fowlie. Apparatus: 3rd place bar, 6th overall. Double Mini-tramp: 2nd overall. 
Maia Whitney. Apparatus: 2nd place vault. Double Mini-tramp: 3rd= overall. Short track tumbling: 6th overall. National tumbling: 5th= overall.
Caeleigh Monrad. Apparatus: 2nd place floor. Thames Team Gym group. 5th place overall.