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Parking, speed changes proposed

Parking all day in the main shopping areas of Waihī and Paeroa could be a thing of the past if Hauraki District Council’s traffic and parking bylaw is passed as proposed.
The council is proposing to implement two-hour parking limits in the main shopping areas of Waihī and Paeroa, between the hours of 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday but excluding public holidays.
According to council, complaints have been made about people parking along the main drags “all day”, using spaces that should be available for paying customers.
“Time limits help create a turnover of parking spaces, maximising opportunities for customers to park their vehicles in high-demand locations,” council said.
“In both Paeroa and Waihī there is off-street parking availability for business owners and operators. In Waihī, there is unrestricted parking available at the Waihī Event Centre as well as the Mueller St car park. In Paeroa, there is unrestricted parking available on Marshall St and Willoughby St.”
Meanwhile, council’s speed management plan is proposing reductions to speed limits on some of the district’s roads.
A total of 63 roads have a speed limit change proposed, 21 of them being in the vicinity of a school, where council is asking for feedback on reducing speeds to either 30kmh for
urban schools or 60kmh for rural schools.
“We reviewed 106 roads, and have proposed speed changes to some, and identified some areas where work is needed to reduce or support existing travel speeds,” Mayor Toby Adams said.
“It’s about making sure our district is a safe, happy and healthy place to live and thrive for everyone, so we really encourage our communities to have a say on the bylaw reviews and the speed management plan,” he said.
Council is also installing a temporary speed reduction to repair a section along Hauraki Rd. The speed will be reduced from 100kmh to 80kmh, starting from the Cook Memorial towards Turua. This section of road will have an “area-wide treatment” in the next construction season to repair the road and make it safe again, council said.
DETAILS: Feedback on the proposed changes close on June 20 at 4pm. Submitters are able to speak to council at a hearing on Wednesday, July 13. More info on the HDC website.