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Goals and growth the ‘bread and butter’ of Auctus


A company that started out from humble beginnings and has since expanded across four locations has made it its goal to help other businesses taste the same success.
Since starting in 2012, Auctus Advisory has grown from a one-man band to a mid-size accounting firm, with 41 staff across four offices in Hamilton, Te Aroha, Tauranga and New Plymouth.
Working from the Te Aroha office is Principal Sam Blatchford, and Client Liaison Josh Kewell, who say helping people expand their business is their “bread and butter”.
“What we really enjoy is seeing people grow,” Sam says.
“That’s what gets me out of bed. It’s seeing guys go from contract milking, through that journey to share milking or farm ownership, as well as seeing those mum-and-dad businesses which move into bigger premises or get more staff.”
Since opening its Te Aroha location five years ago, Auctus has helped businesses form succession plans and establish strategies, and is keen to help more people in the Thames Valley.
“We see the potential in the Hauraki district,” Josh says. “We see it as a growing place to do business, with people that are working hard.
“As a chartered accountant firm, we’re quite keen not to talk to you about your tax returns and your annual accounts, because that’s the standard, we’ll get that done for you.
“Our kicks is that advisory stuff. If you want to grow from that mum-dad business and become an entrepreneur, or you want to have a lifestyle where you can drop the kids off at 9am and pick them up at 3pm, we can take you wherever your vision is,” he says.
Along with the “usual”’ accountant’s scope of works, Auctus specialises in business systems for enterprise; taking existing practices within different industries and adapting them to line up with the efficiencies of today.
It also prides itself on communication.
“We want people to have a plan, have a strategy. What success looks like to you as a five-year-old is tying your shoelaces, but as a seven-year-old, it’s slightly different.
“So, in a business cycle, it’s the same,” Sam says. “You may want to be an entrepreneur, but then when you have children, you might want to spend more time at home, so we want to know how we can help get you to that position.”
Auctus is available to meet with any potential clients around the Thames Valley, including in the Hauraki Plains, Paeroa, Waihi, and Te Aroha.
The firm is made up of expert chartered accountants, book-keepers, administrators, and lawyers.
And for Sam and Josh, their passion for growing businesses is also exemplified in their past-time: coaching senior rugby.
Sam coaches the Morrinsville Premier Senior A Team, while Josh coaches the Te Aroha Cobras Senior B Team.
“We like seeing growth in our players and seeing the teams thrive and do well, and that corresponds to what we’re doing at work,” Sam says.
“It’s culture building,” Josh adds.
“It’s bringing people of all walks of life together with a common purpose and a common goal. If you get that right, that culture becomes a living thing, and you can run with it and you can achieve anything.”
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PHOTO: The team at Auctus Advisory: Josh Kewell, Sam Blatchford, Melanie Smith, James O’Brien, Sunet Kuhn, and Raj Sivanathan. Photo: KELLEY TANTAU