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Covid-19 cases confirmed in Thames Valley

The Waikato DHB has confirmed there are 11 cases of Covid-19 in Thames-Coromandel and four cases in the Hauraki district.

In a statement on April 15, the DHB released the number of cases for each district for the first time after “updated guidance” from the Ministry of Health’s National Health Co-ordination Centre. The DHB previously refused to release the district breakdown, citing privacy concerns.

Waikato DHB chief executive Dr Kevin Snee said the figures would give the community a clearer picture of what was happening in their area.

“The guidance had until recently required reporting to be done at a regional level due to patient privacy considerations which have now been worked through to ensure the release of this information does not breach any person’s right to privacy.”

The DHB will be releasing a regular breakdown of its district-wide COVID-19 case numbers from April 15. It will publish the figures daily on its website,, as well as providing figures to local authorities.

Dr Snee urged people to continue to follow the government guidance on social distancing and hand hygiene.

Information and guidelines during the Covid-19 alert level four shutdown can be found at

If you suspect a business or individual is breaching the guidelines, you can report them by calling the non-emergency number – 105. More information at Do not call 111 unless it’s an emergency.