You are currently viewing Waihī’s $3.3m ambulance station under way
The old Waihī ambulance station was torn down at the end of May. Photo: SUPPLIED/Mike Hill

Waihī’s $3.3m ambulance station under way

June marked the beginning of a new era of emergency services in Waihī, with construction beginning on an estimated $3.3 million state-of-the-art ambulance station. 

However, a $700,000 shortfall means Hato Hone St John isn’t done fundraising. This year the agency’s annual appeal, “Light the Way”, is focused on repairing or rebuilding 14 stations across the country, including Waihī. 

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The new station, due to be completed in June 2025, has been a project two decades in the making. With the work finally underway, staff were relocated to temporary premises at 32 Haszard St ahead of the old station’s demolition in May. 

Coromandel South group operations manager Julia Te Huia said the new building would enable staff to carry out their roles more safely and efficiently. 

“The old [station] was mouldy and leaky – basically, it was not fit for purpose,” Julia said. 

“It’s been a long time coming, and the staff and everybody’s really excited about it.” 

The new station will house three ambulances, 12 full-time staff, and 10 volunteers. As well as emergency responders, the community health shuttle and Waihī’s St John area committee will also operate out of the space. 

“We need to acknowledge that we have had lots of generous donations from the community – there’s just a few things we still need to fundraise for,” Julia said. 

“We appreciate the support that the community’s given us so far.”

DETAILS: Hato Hone St John “Light the Way” annual appeal month is on now. See for more. 

An artist's impression of the new purpose-built facility. Photo: SUPPLIED