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Hauraki muso Davidda’s new song Giving in Slowly is out now. Photo: DAVE MIDDLETON

Paeroa songwriter releases new song

Giving in Slowly is the latest song release from Hauraki-based songwriter and music maker, Davidda Hikatangata.
“It kind of feels like a lullaby, which sits perfectly as it was prompted by my new niece’s awaited arrival,” she said.
“It embraces the tenderness and vulnerability of new beginnings,” she said.
The 32-year-old Paeroa muso and Valley Profile feature writer wrote the track in 2022 with singer-songwriter, producer, and “all round musical wizard” Anna Coddington after the pair received funding from a NZ On Air Music development programme to record some demos, Davidda said.
“Giving in Slowly was the third track to come out of those sessions, and was definitely the gentlest of the lot.

“We experimented with pop for one track, funk for the next, indie rock for one waiting in the vault to be released, and then this softer, folksy feel for Giving in Slowly,” she said.
It only took them a few hours to write and record the bones of the song in Anna’s home studio, The Attic, and then one more day in Jol Mulholland’s studio, The Oven, to record a few more instruments.
“We talked about that vulnerable feeling when you finally let people in – then tipped those feelings out into the song.”
Giving in Slowly included contributions from a “handful of wondrous musical geniuses”, Davidda said: Jol Mulholland, Mike Hall, Steph Brown, Fen Ikner, Kristian Bennett, and Chris Chetland.
DETAILS: The song is available to stream in all the regular spots like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and is available for purchase at