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Three-year-old Caleb gets his wounds tended by a wartime-era nurse. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER

Museum mischief

The Waihī Arts Centre and Museum welcomed visitors in for a surreal experience on April 12, when it opened its doors for free. Visitors were greeted by historical figures – miners, soldiers, nurses, teachers and scientists – played by members of the Waihī Drama Society. Oceania Gold displayed rock samples, while the Hauraki District Council was on hand to discuss its draft Long Term Plan and the future of the museum, which is in need of seismic strengthening work. 

Coromandel’s CFM manned the free sausage sizzle while broadcasting from the carpark. 

The museum was packed with kids and families, several in costumes to fit the spooky theme. It was an interactive, engaging event with museum staff encouraging visitors to explore every nook and cranny of the building. ALICE PARMINTER went along to brush up on her history.

Michelle and daughter Natalia, who is dressed as ancient Egyptian queen Ankhesenamun. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
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Oaken is delighted to find a rock display to show his dad. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
A “mad” prisoner heckles the police guard from inside the museum’s prison cell. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
This miner looks like part of the display - until he pops his pickaxe up to spook passing visitors. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER