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A red and rain warning is in force for Coromandel. Photo: SUPPLIED

Self-evacuation of at-risk areas strongly recommended

A RED wind and rain warning for Cyclone Gabrielle is in force for the Coromandel.

From tonight, February 12 until the morning of February 14, we can expect 400mm of rain and gale force easterly winds with gusts exceeding 130km/h across the Coromandel, Thames Coromandel District Council said. 

Widespread surface flooding, coastal storm surge waves in low lying areas, land instability, power outages, road closures, trees and debris falling and damage to property are certain across many parts of the district.

This map shows areas that are most at-risk during the storm event. Photo: SUPPLIED

Civil Defence is strongly urging all people in areas that have been flooded previously, or who live close to beaches or rivers, especially along the eastern seaboard, to self-evacuate as soon as possible to family or friends until the cyclone has passed.

In addition, Civil Defence is strongly urging all people who live on hillsides to check surroundings for cracks. If they are new or have increased in size or length, residents are advised to plan to self-evacuate.

The following Civil Defence Centres are open from 4pm today:

*After 7pm today, these sites may revert to stand by if there is no demand. However they can be reactivated within 15 minutes upon request. Contact details are on the doors of these centres.

If you live close to one of these centres and need to evacuate and require a place to go to then head to a Civil Defence Centre; please take any medication, pets and pet food and bedding in case you need to overnight in a hall or in your car.

Community-led Centres are in smaller places around the Coromandel which provide shelter for those who cannot evacuate to family or friends.

If you think you may need to evacuate; the Community Led Centres will be open between 4pm-6pm today (February 12) for you to discuss your needs. They are prepared to open if widespread flooding occurs in your community.

These are in the following communities:

You will or may have already received an emergency alert via text message.