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The Waikato District Council is proposing a 13.75 per cent rates increase. Photo: SUPPLIED

WDC proposes 13.75% rates increase

Waikato District Council has opened consultation on a proposed 13.75 per cent general rate increase as part of its draft 2024/25 Annual Plan.
Council said the consultation aimed to ensure residents could voice their opinions and contribute to the decision making process.
“The council acknowledges the impact the proposed rate increase on everyday living cost and the need to work together during these difficult times.”
Waikato District Mayor Jacqui Church said: “while our current financial projections may not be affordable for many ratepayers, this draft annual plan allows us to reset, find alternative funding sources, and make necessary adjustments”.
Affordability concerns had been a priority for the council, it said.
The proposed rate increase reflected council’s commitment to maintaining essential services, completing planned projects, and upholding infrastructure standards. It also emphasised the importance of working within means and keeping rates as affordable as possible while delivering on council’s vision for a liveable, thriving and connected communities.

Council’s 2021-2031 Long Term Plan accounted for a consumer price index of 3.3 per cent per year from June, 2021, while actual costs have increased by almost three times this amount, at 9 per cent per year. The proposed rate increase of 13.75 per cent aimed to sustain essential services and infrastructure, although with challenges posed by limited funding sources, council said.
“We have explored various options to mitigate the impact of this proposed increase, including finding savings and alternative funding sources. We invite our communities to have their say about the proposed rates increase and share their feedback as we navigate these challenges together,” Mayor Church said.