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December’s featured artists at Thames Art Gallery. Photo: Supplied

Paintings, weaving and pottery to feature

Thames Art Gallery has quite an array of artists being featured for the month of December at its Tararu gallery, including Gary Nevin, Julie Burns-Nevin, Cassandra Nevin, Adam Wharekawa and Elise Belovic.
Gary Nevin is an artist, sculptor and potter from Whenuakite. He has been making art since the 1960s and finds inspiration in everything around him, he sees art in most things. He can turn any material he comes across into works of art, be it paint, steel, concrete, clay or wood. Gary is now turning his hand to pottery domestic ware due to the economic climate, and because he says wheel work is “fun”. But he’ll still be turning out his trademark flying pigs and other unique-styled works he’s renowned for.
Julie Burns-Nevin is a raranga, flax weaver. The open weave of some of her kete bags represents Kupenga, a reference to fish nets. She is privileged to be the guardian, kaitiaki, of some varieties of harakeke flax. Over the years she has been inspired by the unique properties of what each variety carries and works accordingly with them.

Cassandra Nevin is the daughter of Gary and Julie and she could not help but inherit the artistic gene from her parents. Her upbringing on the Coromandel is the inspiration of her paintings.
She enjoys the challenge of finding the right colour combinations, from nature, light, interiors and moments. She enjoys using these in her paintings, particularly of local scenes. Cassandra has been learning to throw pottery and incorporates these vessels in her candle making ventures.
Adam Wharekawa is a painter, photographer and sculptor. He grew up in South Auckland where he learnt to skate and his skill and love of the sport allowed him to travel, experience cultures and meet people from all walks of life. His story is reflected in all his artistic works. The varied works of these talented artists can be seen at Artists House, Whenuakite.
Elise Belovic is based on the Thames Coast, specialising in stoneware pottery, which she has been doing on and off for the past 10 years, in between other work. She is renowned for her one-off pieces for the home and garden, featuring her uniquely distinctive colourful glazes. Elise is greatly inspired by the beauty of nature that surrounds her. Her creations have seen her placed highly in recent gallery awards in the area.
DETAILS: Thames Art Gallery, 604 Tararu Rd, open weekdays: 10am-2pm, weekends: 10am-4pm, entry is free.