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Ginny McArthur has the keys to kickstart 2024. Photo: SUPPLIED

Start 2024 with a positive mindset

Did you set health and fitness goals in January 2023 but somehow never got around to achieving them?
Did every Monday start with awesome intentions and hope but by Wednesday those hopes were dashed because you couldn’t quite stick to anything?
Are you fed up with the ‘I’ll start again tomorrow or Monday’ syndrome?
We all know what to do when it comes to getting healthy and losing weight. But somewhere between the knowing and the doing, there is a disconnect.
Please stop wasting time! Your health is your most precious asset and the choices that you make today count towards your healthier future. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.
Book your annual WOF. Order blood tests so you know where your cholesterol, blood sugars and inflammation levels are. At the same time get your blood pressure checked along with any other aches and pains or little things that have been bothering you.
Once you know where your numbers are, you can plan to make the lifestyle changes necessary to move towards a healthier 2024.

est. If you try to make too bigger changes, the chances are they won’t last.
Changing from a sugary snack to a piece of fruit. Eating more vegetables and fewer processed starches. Moving from white bread to whole grain, white rice to basmati or brown, tasty cheese to Edam, chippies to a handful of nuts, are all small changes that make a huge difference over time.
Most of us look after our cars better than we look after our bodies! We make sure that we use the right fuel. We get them regularly serviced. We don’t leave them sitting in the garage for weeks and expect them to start straight away. If you had one car to last you a lifetime, I bet you would look after every little fault and ding and get it fixed before it became something bigger.
The same is true of our bodies; we have one to last a lifetime. And yet we put our health at the bottom of our long to do list.
Every cell of who we are can only come from the food that we eat. The quality of our hair, skin, nails, tendons, muscles, bones, organs and brain can only come from one place and that is from what we choose to eat.
So start by thinking about the quality of your food choices.
Eat predominantly whole foods and avoid ultra processed foods most of the time. Eat to drop inflammation and promote health. Drink plenty of water. Move your body daily. Just a 20-30 minute walk is worth its weight in gold. Make good quality sleep a priority. Learn how to manage stress. Learn to work with your circadian rhythms and hormone levels.
Make 2024 your year of health!
– Supplied by Outlook for life