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Launch of True Tales of Waihī

On Saturday, October 7, Hauraki District Libraries hosted an auspicious occasion at Waihī Library with the launch of the latest collection in a “fantastic” range of books.
The Treasury Research Centre and Archive has published True Tales of Waihī, a collection of local stories by local people.
This complements the other 11 books in the series.
Hauraki District Libraries team leader Marion Kroukam said the afternoon saw the library “abuzz with people from all walks of life”.
“The excerpts being read by some of the authors certainly made the audience want to buy a copy.
“Who wouldn’t want to hear how the Pumphouse was moved metre by metre across town by men and women and not machinery?
“The proceeds from the sales of the books are used for keeping the Treasury Research Centre and Archive open, as they have unfortunately lost some funding in recent times,
“Every cent counts at the moment.,” she said.
DETAILS: If you would like a copy, visit, or pop into any local bookshop.