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There was quite the line-up of juniors and lambs at the calf club. From left: Matatoki students McKenzie Read and Holly Thomas-James with Milky and Buddy, and Netherton School students Elise Scott and Jessie Thompson with Millie and Skittles. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER

Group day cuties

Despite the grey morning, the children gathered at Matatoki School were in good spirits as they put their calf club pets through their paces. They were taking part in the calf club group day for the Ohinemuri cluster of schools. Calves, goats and lambs of all sizes and colours were tethered around the school field, waiting for their turn to show how nicely they could take a stroll around the pen. ALICE PARMINTER popped in to watch them promenade.

Matatoki School twins Brae and Paige Hunt get their calves BFG and Daisy prepared for the ring. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
From left: Emilee Reynolds and Riley Richards from Matatoki School, and Chloe Scott from Netherton School hang out with their kids Milo, Bessie, and Cleo in the hay. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
Leah and Kayden Drent from Netherton School are all smiles waiting to take Bessie and Flex through their routines. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
Bingo and Chocko aren’t sure about having their photos taken, but Thames South School students Anahere Wright, left, and Belle Wright-Ngeru are confident they will shine in the ring. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
Holly Short and Jorja Walmsley represent Hikutaia School with their calves Coffee and Snap. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER