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National Party's Scott Simpson. Photo: SUPPLIED

National’s Scott Simpson retains Coromandel seat

Preliminary general election results show National’s Scott Simpson has retained his seat as Coromandel MP with 20,950 votes.

The second candidate was Labour’s Beryl Riley with 6354 votes, followed by Pamela Grealey, Green Party, with 3846 votes; NZ First’s Caleb Ansell, with 2509; Act’s Joanna Verburg, 2140; NZ Loyal’s Ray Cobb, 1800; NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party’s Sarai Tepou, 195. 

There were a total of 38,186 votes counted in the Coromandel electorate in the preliminary count.

The Electoral Commision has reported nationwide preliminary results were based on 2,244,380 ordinary votes counted on election day on October 14.

Special declaration votes still to be counted are estimated at 567,000 (20.2 per cent of total votes). This includes an estimated 80,000 overseas and dictation votes. In 2020 there were 504,621 special votes including 62,787 overseas and dictation votes. 

The total estimated votes (those counted on election night plus estimated special votes still to be counted) is 2,811,380. 

Voter turnout for the 2023 General Election is estimated to be 78.4 per cent of those enrolled as at 5pm Saturday 14 October.  This compares with a final 82.2 per cent turnout of those enrolled in 2020.

Enrolment applications are still being processed.  By 5pm on Saturday 3,585,232 people were enrolled, or 92.6 per cent of estimated eligible voters. The final enrolment rate in 2020 was 94.1 per cent.  The number of ordinary votes cast in advance is 1,368,830, which is estimated to be 61.0 per cent of total ordinary votes cast.  In 2020, 68 per cent of votes were cast in advance.

A summary of party votes, electorate votes and advance votes is available at  The website also shows the distribution of seats by party as calculated by the Sainte-Laguë formula based on the preliminary results.  Preliminary results by voting place for each electorate will also be available on the site. 

A by-election will be held in the Port Waikato electorate on 25 November following the death of a candidate. When an electorate MP is elected in Port Waikato, it will increase the size of Parliament by one seat.

The Official Results process starts on Sunday 15 October and is expected to be completed in 20 days. All ordinary advance and election day votes will be recounted. Special declaration votes will be processed and counted. The target to release the Official Results of the 2023 General Election is 2pm on Friday 3 November 2023. 

Information on how the official count is conducted is available at