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A scene guard has been in place overnight, and Police will be working with fire investigators to determine the cause of the fire. FILE PHOTO

Search continues for missing kayaker

The search continues for a man reported missing after he went out kayaking with a friend yesterday off the Thames Coast Road, North of the Waikawau Boat Ramp.

The two men were out fishing when the missing man lost his oar. His friend returned back to land to seek assistance and found a member of the public with a boat to assist. However when they returned back to the spot where the other male was last seen, the man and his kayak were gone.

A Kayak was located on the beach early this morning but there is still no sign of the missing man.

Police Search and Rescue staff and Coastguard are continuing to search the area.

There is the possibility that the missing male has made it back to shore, and Police would like to hear from anyone who may be able to assist with enquiries.

There is no further update at this stage.