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The exterior tiles of Goldfields Mall have had a new anti-slip surface placed on top of them. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Shopping mall tiles’ slippery fix

The manager of Goldfields Shopping Centre in Thames has “ticked off” a job that has been at the top of his list – remedying the slippery issues of his mall’s exterior tiles.
Back in August, 2022, The Profile reported that a petition had been started to replace the tiles outside Goldfields after a man passed out after slipping on them.
Manager John Freer said at the time that anti-slip coating would be applied to the tiles, but it was soon discovered that the coating “didn’t work”.
“We are well aware that the tile has been a major issue at Goldfields for quite some time, and about six months ago, we attempted a surface that didn’t work,” he told The Profile on May 24.
“We have now gone to another supplier.”
Mr Freer said he enlisted the help of a different company, and it has since cleaned the tiles “right back to their original state” and put a new surface on top of them.
“It actually has a slip category, and [the company] comes and tests it to make sure it’s up to the appropriate standard,” he said.
“The exterior tiles are the ones that we know get very slippery when it rains. In particular, for people wearing gumboots or jandals, it’s not good. Luckily, we’ve finally found a solution.”