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More than 500 hooded students form an ‘A’ to raise autism awareness. Photo: SUPPLIED

Students raise funds for autism

Hauraki Plains College students threw on their hoodies for a partial mufti day on May 5 to raise funds and awareness for people living with autism as part of Autism Awareness Month.
The college said the reason for wearing hoodies was because autistic individuals often experience more intense sensory input from light and sound, and hoodies could help block any discomforting stimuli.

“Hoodies are [also] usually made of soft materials, which is beneficial for those with sensitivities to touch and texture,” a spokesperson said.
“By participating in Autism NZ’s Hoods Up event, we can raise awareness about the use of hoods as a tool to help autistic individuals navigate an environment that may not cater to their specific needs.”
The college raised $846 and 550 students formed an ‘A’ for autism for a drone photo.