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Repairs are underway on the stretch of SH25 at Ruamahunga. Photo: WAKA KOTAHI

Ruamahunga repairs underway

Repair work has begun on the section of State Highway 25 at Ruamahunga Bay on the west coast. The repair consists of a 40-metre-long rock fill site. Work will be ongoing for a few weeks.

The embankment was eroded from the summer’s severe storm events and needed urgent repairs.

During the day, the area is under stop/go traffic management, while the road is open in both directions in the evening.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency said the work was essential to stabilise the area before any further damage is done.

There are several other repairs currently taking place on SH25. These include:

  • Regular monitoring of significant slip sites and geotechnical inspections every two months
  • Prioritising the clearing of drains and culverts
  • Continuing to clear vegetation to maintain a clear space for heavy vehicles
  • Continuing to clear vegetation to maintain a clear space for heavy vehicles
  • Monitoring traffic and truck volumes around the Peninsula
  • Monitoring travel times around the Peninsula so any causes of significant delay are identified and quickly acted on
  • Finalising destination signage changes so visitors find the best way to their destination
  • Continuing to assess the safety and capacity of one-lane bridges and critical intersections
  • Carefully planning of the timing and type of maintenance work to minimise impacts on road users, landowners and communities.

“[We recognise] how important it is for communities, businesses and visitors alike to keep SH25 around the loop open,” Waka Kotahi said in a statement. 

“We’re continuing to monitor approximately 50 significant slip sites along SH25, and we are also aware of a number of sites that will flood when river levels get too high – such as at Whitianga last Friday.

“For people who call the Coromandel home, a functional state highway network in and around the district is vital for daily life and we’d like to reassure you, we’re prioritising our maintenance and repairs.”