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Goldfields School students were “chuffed” with their artworks. Photo: GORDON PREECE

Students motivated by art

Goldfields School held its inaugural public art exhibition on September 20 with many colourful and unique artworks on display.
Teacher Anna Walters said the exhibition, held at Paeroa War Memorial Hall, was part of the school’s tradition to hold an event to showcase the students’ work to their whanau and the community. “In previous years we’ve had wearable arts, we’ve had shows, and we decided the art exhibition was a good one since we haven’t worked on it yet,” she said.
“Each class has produced their own unique piece of artwork and brought it to this wonderful war memorial hall for us to showcase.
“We’ve got Goldfields School, and our satellite classes at Miller Avenue School, Thames South School, Paeroa College and Te Aroha Primary School, so you’re probably looking at 84 student works in total.”
Anna said many of the artworks were drawn from the students’ personal motivations.
“You’ll go round and see that they’re quite individualised, some students have got a Lego theme, some students might have a pop theme drawn from a particular artist that they listen to,” she said.
“We like to say at Goldfields we do a little often, so most of these students have been working for three to four weeks on each of their artworks… in 15 minute slots.”
Anna said students were “surprised” and “chuffed” when they saw their artworks on display for the first time.
“It’s really nice to see them go around and guess whose work is what and find their friends’ work. Our students really love to share in each other’s successes,” she said.