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Operation Cover Up Thames members Carol Wilkes, left, Margaret Morritt, Elizabeth McCaughan and Wendy Wilcox. Photo: GORDON PREECE

Knitting on display

A quartet of Operation Cover Up Thames members displayed a strand of its knitted items bound for eastern Europe at Goldfields Shopping Centre on March 22.
The group, which has between 20 and 30 members, knit blankets, hats and jerseys at Elim Church every Wednesday for people in countries like Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania to keep warm during its winter months.

Incoming co-ordinator Carol Wilkes told The Profile around 2000 knitted items had been prepared this year and the display at Goldfields highlighted the work.
“The reason for all of this is to help people in eastern Europe in orphanages, people who are on the street, and also the refugees from Ukraine,” she said.
“Last year the majority of it went to Ukraine and again this year we’re seeing Ukraine is just as bad… [the items] will be sent to where the need is greatest.”
Co-ordinator Margaret Morritt said the main display would be held at Thames Civic Centre between June 30 and July 1.