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Hunters are being reminded to stay safe this season. Photo: NZ POLICE

Focus on safety this Roar season

As the Roar season approaches, Police are reminding hunters to prioritise the safety of themselves and their mates while engaging in hunting activity.

While hunting can be a thrilling experience, it also carries certain risks especially when hunting in remote or rugged terrain.

Be well prepared:

Assess the weather forecast – particularly for any rain and snow that could lead to a rise in river levels – and make your plans accordingly.

Make sure everyone has the right clothing, food and equipment for all possible conditions.

Take into account the experience and fitness of everyone in your party when planning your trip.

Know where you are going, make sure you carry a map, know how to read it and leave detailed intentions with friends and whānau.

Carry an emergency communication device such as a distress beacon or satellite phone.

While out hunting:

Involve your whole party in the decision-making and making sure everyone is comfortable with the plans being made.

Take firearm safety seriously, because even if you are hunting alone, it is highly likely that other hunters will be around.

Identify your target beyond all doubt.

Treat every firearm as loaded and if you are sharing a firearm, make sure the person carrying the firearm maintains responsibility for checking it is in the appropriate state of load.

Wearing blaze if bush hunting.

Also, don’t forget to check the Seven Firearms Safety Rules.