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Pool passes extended for Hauraki swimmers

To make up for a dampener of a pool season, Hauraki District Council is extending all current season passes to the 2023/24 season at no extra charge.

Mayor Toby Adams said he hoped it will be some consolation to the dedicated swimmers who have been inconvenienced this summer.

“We’re as frustrated as our communities with how this season has gone,” he said. “Wild weather, mechanical failures on some pumps and heating elements and staff shortages have made it very stop and start for everyone and we’re really sorry about that. To make up for it, we’ll honour this year’s season passes by extending them for the next season.”

Paeroa pool was scheduled to have a slightly longer season, but with the pool’s heating out of action and staff shortages, Council will close Paeroa pool at the same time as the Waihi and Ngatea pools. The last day of the pool season will be Sunday, March 12, 2023.

Current season pass holders will have their passes extended to the 2023/24 season at no extra cost and Council is looking at new ways to get a wider selection of lifeguards from the community.

“Our lifeguards are made up of a mixture of uni students on their summer job, and people looking for full time work opportunities. When the students start returning to uni in March, any changes to the roster can be tricky to manoeuvre, especially when unexpected illness or other staffing challenges come up”, said council’s Group Manager Service Delivery, Adrian de Laborde.

Council encourages anyone who is interested in being a lifeguard to get in touch so they can be considered for the 2023/24 season which runs from late October to approximately the end of March.

“If you’ve got what it takes to be a lifeguard and can commit to the season, we want to hear from you.”