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Health Ngatea is "thrilled" to welcome its new Nurse Prescriber. File Photo: PIXABAY

New staff at Health Ngatea


We are thrilled to welcome our new Nurse Prescriber Nadia Malloy, who has recently joined the
Team at Health Ngatea. 

She comes to us with 20 years of nursing experience, and has recently completed her Nurse Prescribing Post Graduate Diploma.

The last 10 years of Nadia’s career have seen her working locally amongst our communities.

Married with two teenage daughters, Nadia enjoys surfing, camping and hiking. 

As of Wednesday, February 15, we are really happy to have the renewed services here at the Practice of our HIP ( Health Improvement Practitioner) Issac and his associate Coach, Graham.

They work collaboratively as our HIP Team and appointments are made through a Clinical referral and having had prior assessment.

Government changes to CBAC (Community Based Assessment Centre).

We have held these Clinics Monday to Friday for assessing patients with respiratory symptoms for the last 2.5 years and are continuing this service.

We have received notification that the government will no longer fund this and all costs involved will now have to be passed on to the patient.

The cost will be the same as you pay for a general consultation. We can share more information as it comes to hand.

Take care of each other and stay safe.

– Supplied by Health Ngatea.