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Thames Jewellers was ram raided in 2022. File photo: GORDON PREECE

Sentencing delayed for ram-raid accused

The man accused of smashing a car into two Thames stores last year has had his sentencing delayed after a raft of other charges were brought to the judge’s attention.
On August 10, 2022, the man allegedly entered two addresses along Pollen St, Thames – Sunburst Cafe and Thames Jewellers – without authority.
He was apprehended by officers from the Paeroa police station.
The man pleaded guilty to charges set before him at a sentencing indication at Thames District Court on January 20. The charges included theft, unlawfully taking a vehicle, possession of an offensive weapon, driving while disqualified, and two charges of burglary.

He was scheduled to be sentenced on February 17.
However, Judge Christina Cook became aware that the man was also facing a raft of different charges from Manukau Court.
These included burglary and arson, intentional damage, carrying an imitation firearm, failure to provide information, another charge of driving while disqualified, and a charge of resisting.
Judge Cook said, in her view, the man’s earlier sentencing indication – given by Judge Paul Geoghegan – was no longer binding, considering it was given in isolation, without Judge Geoghegan’s knowledge on both the man’s earlier and subsequent offending.
“In the normal sense, this matter would have to go back for his consideration, but that’s simply not possible at this time as he is not in the country,” Judge Cook said.
“We need to consider a way forward and there needs to be communication with both counsel as to who is going to represent [the man].”
Judge Cook said it was not appropriate or possible for two lawyers to counsel the man, making submissions on different sets of offending to be dealt with within the same sentencing event.
The man was therefore granted a continuation of his bail, which The Profile earlier reported as having the conditions of not contacting any of the victims, and not driving south of the Bombays unless appearing in court.
He is scheduled to reappear in Thames on March 17.