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The Tapu-Coroglen Rd was damaged in the recent weather events. Photo: Waka Kotahi NZTA

Trucks banned on 309, Tapu-Coroglen Rds

Thames-Coromandel District Council has today voted to prohibit the thoroughfare of overlength vehicles on the 309 and Tapu-Coroglen Rds.
This follows the closure of State Highway 25A, which was damaged due to the recent storms and now forced large vehicles to follow a different route to access the eastern Coromandel.
In a report presented to council at its February 21 meeting, staff said both the 309 and Tapu-Coroglen Roads were narrow, primarily unsealed, and had a number of “very tight corners”.
“Neither of these roads are suitable for overlength vehicles,” it said. “Long vehicles cannot
navigate them comfortably because of the tight corners, and trucks have crashed or been stuck
regularly in the past.”
In order to address the issues with these two roads, staff recommended that council make two
new restrictions under Clause 9 of its Traffic Control Bylaw, to prohibit vehicles of 12.6 metres or
more from using them.
Because of the urgency of the issue, and for protection health and safety and of property, it was also recommended that engagement be limited to providing information, rather than a full public
However, staff noted that there would be opportunity for the public to be consulted about these restrictions, and the bylaw in general as part of the wider review, scheduled between May and July, 2023.
“I think it’s a good move, absolutely,” deputy mayor Terry Walker said.
Thames ward councillor Peter Revell asked if council would police the issue, and staff replied stating that New Zealand Police would now “have the power to do so”.