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Thames couple and interior experts Pippa Jackson and Dee Stirling have established their independent, mobile business, Floor Solutions. Photo: KELLEY TANTAU

Friendly, professional service with Floor Solutions


Daydreaming about new flooring doesn’t have to stop in lockdown, with a new company able to help get the wheels turning on interior renovations remotely.
Dee Stirling and Pippa Jackson have been using the latest lockdown to their advantage, by growing their independent, mobile business, Floor Solutions.
The company services the Thames, Hauraki, and Coromandel regions, and can provide carpet, vinyl, or wood flooring for every budget and surface.
They’ve already sold products and ideas to customers online and over the phone.
“I think our model is a good one considering what is happening in the world,” Pippa told The Profile.
“We’re being proactive and keeping our customers informed, helping them look at products and booking appointments so that when we drop to lower levels, we can just head out and help.”
With 50 years of combined experience, the Thames-based couple have the know-how their customers need.
For more than 25 years, Dee has completed many large and detailed flooring projects for a variety of clients across the country.
Pippa, who may also be recognisable through her work with DVS and the lovingly restored Larimar Retreat in Brown St, Thames, has many years of experience in business and project management.
She has worked within many industries and for a variety of clients, from home-owners to architects, developers, and builders.
The couple have also renovated their own homes and understand how valuable it is to get people with experience and good advice.
“It wasn’t an easy process to get people locally who could help, and I suppose you learn a lot from going through that,” Pippa said.
“We just want to make the whole solution easy, from the sales process right through to installation, while ensuring great communication along the way, and an exceptional finished product.
“Keeping it fresh and current is also key,” she said. “We’re both really passionate about interiors and sustainability. “
Floor Solutions aims to prevent as much waste going into landfill as possible, and will do that by utilising product and underlay more efficiently and recycling up-lifted carpets.
“We want to set things up so that it’s more green,” Pippa said. “We’re looking at future-proofing our business further, we need to think outside the box and create positive change that truly helps. Our customers are really welcoming of this which is exciting.”
Going forward, they also want to offer training and apprenticeship opportunities, and said the timing was perfect to bring all the facets of the business together.
“We’re in that prime time of life to be doing something for ourselves, with all of our years of experience, but we also want to hand on our skills. We want to offer something back to our community as far as training goes,” Pippa said.
Floor Solutions has a mobile showroom and is able to go out to customers for a free, non-obligation quote in lower alerts levels. In the meantime, virtual consultations can be had over the phone or online.
“We really want to give people that customised, tailor-made service and there will definitely be a more personal touch,” they said. “We’re always going to give you the best price we can give you. You don’t need to wait for a sale with Floor Solutions.”
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