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Australian skipping ‘superstar’ Luke Boon will be joined by Hong Kong champion Timothy Ho and Thames local Sacha Willets at a jump rope session this weekend. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Skipping ‘superstars’ in Thames for opportune session

The “superstar of jump rope” will be in Thames this weekend to show off his skillset and inspire a future generation of skippers.
Seventy-two-time world champion, Australian Luke Boon will be joined by Hong Kong champion Timothy Ho and Thames local Sacha Willets as they host a Kids Jump Rope session at the Jack McLean Centre.
Sacha, who is pioneering the sport in New Zealand, said the May 5 event will be a chance for children and adults to witness the talents of jump rope’s most decorated athlete.
“Luke has been [skipping] for over 20 years and he’s been at the top of the game the entire time, so it’s really impressive and he’s just so passionate about growing the sport.
“Last year was the first time that I got to watch him compete in real life… and you could feel the vibe in the room change when Luke took to the floor,” she said. “There’s a reputation around him and his skills.”
Not only is Luke a 72-time world champion, he has also broken 16 world records, holds six individual freestyle world titles, and three three-minute speed world titles.
He was 11-years-old when he first witnessed a team of competitive jump ropers perform a demonstration at his school fete. He told The Profile he was “immediately blown away”.
“I actually remember that moment – because when I was 11, I was still looking for my niche – and I was thinking: ‘I’ve found it. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life’.
“Now I always wonder what if I didn’t go to school that day? What if I missed that performance by 10 seconds? I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in right now doing something I’m so passionate about.”
Sacha’s own foray into the high-flying sport started in 2021, after the Instagram algorithm showed her a video of someone using a rope in a unique way.
After watching from afar, Sacha created her own online skipping page and contacted Luke, who has been her coach ever since.
Together, they are continuing their efforts to see the sport snowball, and they hope youngsters of all ages and abilities, boys and girls, will come along to the jump rope session this Sunday.
“When I think of New Zealand jump rope, I think of Sacha,” Luke said. “She’s the pioneer of rope skipping in New Zealand which is amazing, because to have somebody like Sacha doing that, you know it’s going to move in the right direction.”
“We just want as many kids as possible to come along,” Sacha added. “There’s only so much you can talk about – you have to witness it to really understand what the sport is and why I’m always harping on about it.”
Timothy Ho, meanwhile, is a world record holder in speed skipping, and is the first athlete in history to crack 1000 jumps in three minutes.
DETAILS: To witness Timothy, Luke, and Sacha in action this weekend, head along to the Jack McLean Community Centre in Thames this Sunday, May 5, 2.30-4pm. Cost: $20 per child, under 5s free, beginners welcome, ropes provided. Email for more info.