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Twinwolf Plastering owner Shannon Woolfe is ready to help. Photo: SUPPLIED

Plaster of Paeroa: Twinwolf has you covered

Carrying a wealth of knowledge and 30+ years of experience in remedial works for exterior plastering, Shannon Woolfe of Twinwolf Plastering has seen it all.
“I worked after the Christchurch earthquakes, I worked there for five years just fixing houses,” he said.
Priding himself on punctuality, cleanliness and a tidy worksite, Shannon is familiar with cleaning up other peoples “shabby work”.
“[Foundations] were plastered, they were cracking and falling apart. We’d open them up and people were stuffing like newspaper and sponges in these holes and just plastering over top of the gib,” he said.
Shifting his family and expertise to Paeroa in 2016 was a no-brainer for Shannon, who now services the area and surrounds.
“My partner was from here [Paeroa] originally. We ended up having twins, so I moved from Christchurch to here.”
One thing that hasn’t shifted though, is
Shannon’s focus on his clients being happy and “informed through the process”.
“Seeing the owners happy… seeing that they’re pleased with it is probably the best part. Definitely not the plaster dust!”
Contact Shannon, Ph: 022 428 2239, or email: