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Pārāwai students using Apple pens and iPads: James Heap, left, Felix Milner, Alex Atrill, and Cavika Booth. Photo: SUPPLIED

New tech sets Pārāwai School up for the future

Students are looking forward to benefiting from creative and modern education at Pārāwai after their latest round of grant funding.
In the 2023 school year, Pārāwai was able to secure funding to ensure that all classes from Year 4 and above have 1:1 access to iPads, and the Year 0-3 students have at least a 1:3 ratio.
This will allow the students to access the wealth of creative tools that come with this technology.
The school is now aiming to become an Apple Distinguished School in the 2024/2025 school years, which will ‘inspire students to imagine new possibilities, but also be committed to making positive change in our world’.
This sits well within the school’s vision of ‘Be Courageous, Strive for Excellence, and be of Big Heart.’ Apple Distinguished Schools are centres of leadership and educational excellence, and with the school previously purchasing a number of STEM resources (Spherobots, makerbots, beebots, lego and EPro 8 Kits, including the electronic components), the opportunities for students to learn through a range of experiences is endless.

This on top of modernised classrooms, full accessibility upgrades, a heated pool and a wonderful school library and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) learning space, ensures the school is fully equipped to provide quality teaching and learning at the forefront of education.
This new technology will only enhance the learning programmes and exciting adventures that Pārāwai already has.
As part of Pārāwai’s current localised curriculum, students are able to access the immense learning opportunities within the local area, with a specialist EOTC (Education Outside The Classroom) teacher running class trips each term.
These trips provide contextualised learning opportunities which help students consolidate their learning.
These components, alongside the structured literacy programme, and sound classroom practice, set up Pārāwai’s learners well for their future in an ever changing world.
– Supplied by Parawai School