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A Barnardos early learning centre building has been moved from Hamilton to Turua. Photo: SUPPLIED

Barnados on the move!

In a tightly co-ordinated sequence of steps involving cranes, large trucks, and pilot vehicles that would make Mission: Impossible look simple, a Barnardos early learning centre building has been split into nine pieces and moved from northern Hamilton to Turua on the Hauraki Plains.
Starting with carpenters and electricians making the final preparations for the building’s move, it was all go on January 9.
A crane arrived in Rototuna at midday to load the first two parts of the building on to flatbed trucks.
At 3pm, pilot vechicles appeared ready to escort the trucks on their slow, 90-kilometre drive to the building’s new home. Once there, the trucks and crane parked up for the night and discharged the building segments on to new framing the next morning. Once the trucks and crane had returned to Rototuna, this meticulous process was repeated until January 12, when all parts of the building had been successfully relocated to Turua.
The refitted building will be a modern, fit-for-purpose centre providing early learning to the Turua and surrounding community that will give tamariki, like the building itself, strong foundations for the future.
Barnados is still looking for financial support for the project. Contact them on 0800 005 437 or if you’d like to help out.