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It’s all fun, games and lots of learning at the Thames Coast Community Kindergarten. Photo: SUPPLIED

Family involvement, community connection

What truly sets Thames Coast Community Kindergarten apart from others is its innovative approach to fostering family involvement and community connections.
The not-for-profit and community run kindergarten’s shorter sessions are a unique feature, specifically designed for caregivers and children aged 0-3 years to engage in play together under the supervision of experienced kaiako (teachers).
This initiative, held twice a week, encourages parents, caregivers, grandparents to actively participate in their child’s early learning journey.
During these sessions, parents have the opportunity to play alongside their little ones, creating a special bond while simultaneously building friendships with other parents.
The presence of fully qualified teachers ensures a supportive environment where caregivers can gain valuable insights into their child’s development.

This distinctive approach transforms the kindergarten into more than just an educational institution; it becomes a community hub where families come together to share experiences and support one another.
The chairwoman of the parent committee attests to the impact of these morning sessions.
“I have made such wonderful connections and friendships because of my time spent at kindy with my children on those morning sessions,” she said.
“I liken it to a play centre set up but with qualified teachers there to help your focus on your child’s development as you interact with them in their learning environment.
“It also means that when the little one is ready for big-kids’ sessions, the transition is seamless!”
This testimonial highlights the kindergarten’s commitment not only to education but also to creating a space where families can forge lasting connections and actively contribute to their children’s growth and development.
Thames Coast Community Kindergarten stands out as a beacon of community-oriented early childhood education, emphasizing the importance of collaborative learning experiences for both parents and children.
DETAILS: The Kindergarten operates as an All Day centre five days per week, Monday to Friday. Two of those days, Tuesdays and Thursdays, are split into two individual sessions. On these days we provide sessions for young children (0-3 years) and their parents, caregivers, grandparents, followed by a session for the older children (3-6 years).
– Supplied by Thames Coast Community Kindergarten