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At the fire truck is Kererū, the junior class. Photo: SUPPLIED

Career week sparks passions

St Joseph’s School in Paeroa held a Careers Week last term. Its aim was to broaden horizons and spark passions, and also to provide positive role models for tamariki (children). “It was a fantastic week with many people from all walks of life connecting with our children,” principal Emalene Cull said. “As an educator, it was a true privilege to be able to see our learners light up speaking to people who share their interests. Seeing our dino/fossil-mad kids meet a palaeontologist, our artists meet an artist with paintings all over the world, our sports kids meet Olympians and hold a gold medal, our kids who dream of being a police officer sit in the driver’s seat of a police car, our kids who dream of being a firefighter helped into the gear by a firefighter… and more.”