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Alley the cat died after being attacked by two roaming dogs. Photo: SUPPLIED

Childrens’ pet cat mauled by dogs

A spate of attacks on pet cats in Paeroa is causing concern among the community, with fears the dogs responsible could turn their attention towards small children.
On November 29 last year, a Paeroa resident warned pet owners in an online post that her two elderly cats had been mauled and killed by roaming dogs.
Just five days later, in the early hours of the morning, it was Kieran Casey’s turn to witness his own cats being attacked at the front door of his home.
“I got out of bed and ran to the door and there were these two Staffy-type dogs mauling [cat] Alley. They understood a commandment and when I said ‘bugger off’, they did, but the cat took off too,” he told The Profile. “When we found him in the morning, he was pretty beaten up.”
Kieran took Alley to the vets to try and save him, but shortly after paying a deposit, Alley passed away from his injuries.

Kieran’s family, including his two children, were “pretty gutted” about the ordeal. Alley’s death had also been hard on his sibling, Ben.
“We aren’t pointing fingers and understand dogs chase cats, cats chase birds, but it’s the timing [of it] so early in the morning, the location on top of our stairs, and the savageness [of the attack],” he said. “Most of all, what if it was a kid, not a cat, on their own property? These so-called dog owners need to be ashamed of themselves and shouldn’t be allowed to have them if they are not controlled.”
Hauraki District Council’s communications team leader Margaret Maclaurin said council was aware of some recent complaints regarding cats being attacked.
She said dog attacks on cats were not common but did occur occasionally. “It’s possible the current incidents are being caused by the same dog/s, rather than more dogs attacking cats.”
Both Kieran and other residents said they had their suspicions about which dogs were responsible, but council said hard evidence was needed to ensure the correct dog or dogs were identified.
“Council is investigating the complaints and trying to obtain clear evidence to identify the alleged roaming dog/s,’ Margaret said. “When council is aware of areas of concern, extra street patrols are carried out in that area.
“To assist us in investigating these complaints, we ask that the community report roaming dogs to council promptly so the Animal Control team can be dispatched to the area.”

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Any follow-up actions by council are in line with its Dog Control Act and could range from infringement fines, restrictive dog classifications, owner classifications, or prosecutions.
“We ask that pet owners are responsible pet owners and ensure that their pets are kept contained/secured to their own property and do not become a roaming nuisance,” Margaret said. “While Facebook community pages are a very useful tool for letting your immediate community know if you’ve found a dog, spotted a roaming dog, or had an encounter with a dog, that communication does not always get to the attention of council.
“It’s often at night that roaming dogs are most active. Keeping your cats indoors will help.”
DETAILS: To contact HDC to report any animal attacks, phone 07 862 8609.