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Angela Brutnall with some of her artworks. File Photo: VALLEY PROFILE

Liquid artist returns to Paeroa

Artist Angela Brutnall returns to Paeroa Society of Arts next month for an exhibition at the Crosby Gallery during the month of January.
Her liquid paintings and beach landscapes will be on display at the gallery in Normanby Rd.
Angela earlier told The Profile that while she had been a member of the gallery since 2008, she only started creating art during Christmas, 2019.
“My philosophy to life is ‘never stop learning’ and I felt like I wanted something to occupy myself apart from my garden and family,” she said.
“So I went online and saw liquid art on there, which I thought was rather exciting.

“After many disasters, because they turn out terrible sometimes, I started to become happy with my results, and after showing a few people I was invited to the Cambridge Arts Festival in March, 2020.”
Angela said she drifted to beach artworks more recently when she wanted to display somethin+g different at one of the gallery’s exhibitions.
“I love the clouds, I love the sea and I like rocks, and my first ever painting that I had done of a beach was the one I put into the exhibition and it got a commended certificate.”
DETAILS: The exhibition will be open between 10am and 3pm from January 2-30, at the Paeroa Arts Centre, 109 Normanby Rd, Paeroa.