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The unusual kittens are seeking a new home. Photo: SUPPLIED

Smitten for kittens with ‘mittens’

A litter of unusual kittens, including several with six toes, are hanging out for new homes this Christmas season.
Waihī-based Christine Boldero is a qualified vet nurse who has hand-raised the four kittens to wellness since they were five days old, just after their stray mother was hit by a car.
“It was touch and go. There’s two of them that were quite sick,” she said.
“Somehow we managed to save them all.”
Nursed back to full health and raring to find their forever homes, the sweet six-week-old kittens will have their new adoptive families absolutely smitten, and two of them are extra special. They’re polydactyl, which is a breed that has six toes instead of five.
“The little ginger one just looks like he’s got human hands, like little mittens, instead of paws,” Christine said.
These unique little treasures are seeking a new life with responsible owners.
“Probably the most important thing is that they [new owners] de-sex them.. Because there’s so many kittens out there, they’re just strays producing and there’s not enough funds to help all the strays,” she said.
“They’re not for sale, they just need good homes.”
DETAILS: Anyone interested in adopting one of the kittens can contact Christine Boldero via email: