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Hauraki Plains College Students at Dilworth Rock Climbing. Photo: SUPPLIED

Smooth transition at HPC

It is a big step from being a senior student in Year 8 at a small primary school to being a junior student in Year 9 at a large secondary School.
However, at Hauraki Plains College, staff are working with the primary schools who will be sending students to HPC in 2024 to make sure the transition to HPC is as smooth as possible for our new students and their whānau.
As ever, the emphasis is on the wellbeing of students and their whānau through the process. A big vote of thanks to the primary principals, Year 8 teachers and Kāhui Ako Learning Support Coordinators for their valuable input into transition which will be explained below.
A key factor in transition is the sharing of information between schools. Year 8 teachers have filled in a questionnaire for each of their students listing such factors as student strengths and interests to help HPC staff to engage the Year 9s in their learning. For the same reason, the students themselves have filled in a questionnaire for their personal input.
To familiarise the Year 8s with the large campus that is HPC, visits of small numbers of students have been arranged by the LSCs so they can get an idea of where everything is.

First bit of information – where the toilets are. A photo essay of HPC both inside and outside the buildings has been prepared and will be shared with contributing schools so students and whānau can further their knowledge of the geography of the place.
Friday 1 December is Discovery Day where Year 8 students and whānauare invited to the College. The Year 8s will be put into their River Groups, meet their River Guide and have some valuable learning and some fun activities.
All this and food as well. Whānau will be introduced to members of staff who will play a vital role in transitioning students. A very valuable day that does a lot to calm nerves and begin the Year 8s’ HPC journey.
The journey will continue on Thursday 1 February when the Year 9s and 13s attend HPC for the welcoming pōwhiri and further familiarisation of who everyone is, where everything is, how does this and that work. By the end of the day, Year 9s will be raring to get stuck into their time at HPC.
– Supplied by Hauraki Plains College