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King Arthur, played by Laurie Black, strikes a formidable royal presence as the knights and princesses of Room One dance. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER

What a Knight

It was an evening of enjoyable entertainment at Netherton School’s recent production. The entire student body worked together to put on four rousing musical performances of What a Knight, set in King Arthur’s court of Camelot and featuring everything from a talking dragon, magician and an evil knight, to princesses, villagers and lords. Valley Profile reporter ALICE PARMINTER was invited to the castle. 

From left: the knights Sir Render, Sir Loinsteak and Sir Curity (Harry Powell, Max van Eyk and Charlie Shaw). Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
Watt Cobblers, the hero of the story, was brilliantly portrayed by Reef Bradley. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
Room Three set the scene as villagers. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
Aimee Hill as the Narrator, Lester Lugabout. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
The brave adventurers of Ruma Wha head off to save the knights. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER