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The Steampunk parade was a highlight of the event, with fun and whimsy an important part of many people’s costumes. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER

Golden Glow

The Steampunk festival drew thousands of people to Thames for four days of festivities over the weekend. Pollen St appeared to be lined with gold as festival goers embraced the Gold Rush theme, and the golden-hued sunlight only added to the carefree atmosphere. Valley Profile reporter ALICE PARMINTER went on a treasure hunt. 

Modified and decorated vehicles of all kinds participated in the parade, propelled by equally-decorated drivers. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
Steampunk enthusiasts came from across the motu (country) to take part in the parade and festival. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
The Awesome Foursome: Lorraine Olsen, Lyndsay James, Paula McWha and Barbara Preece. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
People of all ages dressed in their Victorian best, as they escaped to an alternate reality of fashion and steam. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
Medusa and Nev Amore Makepeace strut their stuff down the main street. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
Professional performer Kal Roberts from Flames of Plenty. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER