You are currently viewing SH25A Taparahi bridge deck construction begins
Three spans of the SH25A bridge girders were installed last week. Photo: NZTA

SH25A Taparahi bridge deck construction begins

The first stage of the bridge deck construction has begun on the Kōpū-Hikuai Rd bridge. 

Waka Kotahi says contractors installed three spans of the girders last week and over the weekend. The girders are the long steel beams that span between the abutments and piers, and support the bridge deck.

The girders are spliced together in combinations of 18 metre and 29m sections, and then lifted into place.

There is also steel bracing between the steel girders which is progressively installed as the team work their way across from abutment A (the western abutment) to abutment D (the eastern abutment). 

SH25A bridge girders were lifted into place last week. Photo: NZTA

“This week the team is focused on preparing the girders for the final span of Pier C to Abutment D. The lifts are very dependent on the weather. If the wind is too strong it is not safe to lift the girders into place,” Waka Kotahi said in its weekly report.

More activities undertaken last week on and off site include: Abutment A: The wingwalls were finalised and are ready to be poured this week; Abutment D: The wingwall steel reinforcement has been tied and are now ready for the concrete pour this week; Pier B and C: Plinths were poured and the third span was lifted in place over the weekend. 

Offsite, the final three steel girders are due to be despatched from Napier and arrive on site this week. 

In the meantime, fabrication continues on the 138 concrete pre-cast panels, which will be placed on the steel beams to form the bridge deck, and 52 pre-cast side barriers.

Meanwhile, maintenance and recovery work is underway at various locations around the peninsula, including the Tairua and Takatakahia bridge strengthening. 

“If you’re out on the road, please keep an eye out for our traffic management and crews – and don’t forget to give them a wave. Waka Kotahi is committed to a safer Aotearoa New Zealand where no one is killed or seriously injured on our roads,” Waka Kotahi said.

“This includes keeping our road workers safe – the people working on the country’s roads who are doing their best to make them safer for you.

“There’s no excuse for abusing people as they go about their job.

“Be kind, be respectful, and be careful around road workers. Just like you, they deserve to get home at the end of the day.”

Tairua and Takatakahia bridge strengthening is currently taking place. Photo: NZTA