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Tomorrow, Saturday 14 October, is election day and the last chance to vote in the 2023 General Election. Photo: SUPPLIED

Last chance to vote in 2023 general election

Tomorrow, Saturday 14 October, is election day and the last chance to vote in the 2023 General Election.
“More than 2300 voting places will be open from 9am until 7pm on Saturday, so there is plenty of
opportunity for anyone who hasn’t voted yet to do so,” says Karl Le Quesne, Chief Electoral Officer.
“It’s important that you have your say on who represents you in Parliament for the next three years.
Saturday is your final chance to enrol, vote and be heard.”
By the end of Wednesday, nearly 1 million ordinary votes had been issued (970,818).
“Many people have got out early to vote, but there are still a lot who haven’t, and we don’t want them to miss out.
“We also encourage voters in the Port Waikato electorate to cast their party vote and have their say on the parties that will be in Parliament,” says Karl Le Quesne.
Party votes in the Port Waikato electorate will be counted in the election results, but following the death of a candidate, the electorate votes will not be counted, and a by-election will be held on 25 November.
Voters who have their EasyVote card should take it with them to make voting faster, but people can vote without one.
“If you’re not enrolled yet, you can enrol and vote at the same time at any voting place,” says Karl Le Quesne.
“Voting places in malls have been particularly popular this election and they are expected to be busy again on Saturday. We’d like to remind people that we also have other voting places available close to home including at schools and community halls.”
People can check where their closest voting place is online at or by calling 0800 36 76 56.
The preliminary results of the general election will be released progressively after voting closes at 7pm on Saturday. Results will be available at


Caleb Ansell has spent most of his life in service of other people. Having grown up in the lower end of the working class, Caleb sees the needs of many not being met and strongly desires to see New Zealand lift itself out of debt and back into being a net contributor to the world. Caleb Ansell sees that now it is most pertinent to our nation to return to the Kiwi values we left behind; family, freedom of speech and community building. Like Caleb, New Zealand First believes in the great potential of our country. We can and should be th world leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship, creating employment for more and more people. We need a healthy health system, built on need alone. We can be one people once again, united under one law and one flag. Let’s take our country back.

I was born and raised in Thames and at present run a small business in Katikati ,We have property on the Thames coast and a bush block in the Coromandel Forest Park. We have a vested interest in the Coromandel electorate. I have been involved with farming , forestry and related industry along with a 16 year period with the NZ Police. I decided to make a stand to help solve the many issues we are faced with today. My decision to stand for NZ Loyal as the Coromandel electorate candidate was not taken lightly. All previous political parties have had a hand in where we are presently situated as they continually ignore the causes and throw good money after bad and fail to listen to the community needs. NZ Loyal are a group of representatives that will reverse this trend by control being placed back in the hands of the people and implement policies to enable all our neglected institutions to function properly and to be fit for purpose and to end all divisive policies causing the disruption to our lives. A vote for myself and NZ Loyal will allow you to have a voice that will be listened to and acted on.

I am Pamela Grealey, and I’m standing for the Green Party because of its commitment to building an inclusive, sustainable, and just Aotearoa. Our vision is one of unity, where the well-being of every citizen takes precedence over excess profits. My home in Kapanga Coromandel Town has afforded me firsthand insight into the challenges our region has confronted, particularly in the wake of devastating events like Cyclone Gabrielle. Green policies offer support for communities and individuals impacted by both the transition to a net-zero emission economy and the inescapable effects of climate change. I’m also a huge advocate for green public transport that better connects our region. In my professional life, I manage a business dedicated to empowering local entrepreneurs, fostering sustainable enterprises, and offering vital employment guidance. So Party Vote Green in this election and create a brighter, more equitable future for Coromandel and all of Aotearoa.

I’m proud to be standing for Labour in the beautiful Coromandel electorate with its diverse communities and resilient, community minded residents. Living in Thames near family, I’m part of a lively music scene and am a trustee for Thames Community Centre. My work takes me across Coromandel supporting people with mental health issues so I see the financial and other challenges families face daily. I will bring my skills and experience as a businesswoman, teacher, psychologist, school principal, and senior public service manager to being an effective Member of Parliament for Coromandel. I pledge to be a strong advocate for Coromandel’s economic, social, creative, and environmental future: Helping families cope with the cost of living; Improving health and education outcomes for everybody and addressing child poverty; Safeguarding our natural resources and tackling climate change, especially adverse weather events; Promoting best practice in policing and justice sectors; Championing local tourism; Developing job / business opportunities by promoting innovation and building infrastructure (roading, housing, and public projects).

I’m asking for your vote again to represent you in Parliament and in a new Christopher Luxon, National-led government. The issues confronting our region confront New Zealand. Gang violence and ram raids show that we are not immune from the crime crisis sweeping the country. But this election the economy is centre stage. Stopping wasteful government spending and making sure taxpayer’s dollars are treated with respect will be a high priority for National in government. We’ll fix the economy, get inflation under control and reduce the cost of living. A Party Vote for National and a vote for Scott Simpson are votes to support rebuilding the economy, reducing the cost of living, restoring law and order and improving our schools and healthcare. Only a a party vote for National can change the government and vote Scott Simpson for Coromandel. Two ticks blue.

SARAI TEPOU, NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party
As a midwife for nearly 30 years, Sarai opted out of the health industry due to the mandates enforced amongst herself and her peers in 2021. She’s also qualified as a Registered Comprehension Nurse. In Women’s Health, she provided professional services for child-bearing women as an Independent Midwife in all four corners of Auckland City. She’s deeply concerned about the covid injections recommended by various agencies and feels these entities and other councils need to be challenged and made accountable.

I strongly believe in equality, freedom of choice and personal responsibility for everyone. I’m a regular Kiwi girl who has experienced life the way it really is, I know what it’s like to raise a child as a single parent, to be made redundant, to support someone you love through mental illness, to lose your annual crop in a storm, to wonder how you’ll pay the bills.
I’ve owned and worked on a kiwifruit and avocado orchard for the past 6 years and had a 25-year career in corporate banking and foreign exchange, working with businesses and government departments all over the country. A key to growing our economy is to encourage growth in exports and small businesses, not stifling our No. 8 wire ingenuity as the current government is doing. I want to see New Zealand realise its enormous potential so that we
can raise the standard of living for everyone.
DETAILS: The 2023 General Election will be held on October 14. On election day, all voting places will be open from 9am to 7pm. Find your nearest voting place online at: