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Ben Rawnsley is all concentration as he mixes some slime. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER

Messy play fun

During Playcentre’s annual messy play week, Paeroa Playcentre got stuck into some slimy, goopy, sticky fun. The preschoolers smashed ice, mixed slime, painted, did some arts and crafts, and finished off the session with a slippery slide down the hill. The centre likes to put on some form of messy play every session. 

ALICE PARMINTER toddled down to see what the toddlers were up to.

Franek Green gets into some constructive play. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
Amiyah-Jade Zydenbos breaks out the glue gun and glitter. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
Lydia Belle Morrison experiences the magic of a hose. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
Two year old Chloé French splashes about. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER
Catherine McDonald, left, and Elliana Cossey slip down the waterslide. Photo: ALICE PARMINTER