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Goldfields Mall in Thames was ramraided in July. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

No arrests yet after ram raid

Police have not said whether they’ve been able to apprehend the multiple offenders who smashed up Goldfields Mall in Thames in July. 
Instead, enquiries are continuing as the impacted stores “work through the process” of repair.
On Monday, a police spokesperson told The Profile that enquiries into the crime – which saw multiple vehicles driving through a set of doors at Goldfields, smashing into The Warehouse, Vice Vape Co and a computer kiosk, and exiting out of the main entrance – were ongoing.
They asked to hear from anyone who had information about the incident or those involved.
When asked, mall manager John Freer said he would like to see the offenders apprehended. 
But the affected stores and customers have been “really understanding”, he said.
“Obviously, at the time, they were interested in what happened, but they’ve been very accepting,” he said. “It’s now up to the Police, and we can just hope that they do catch the people who were responsible for it.” 
John had no time frame for when the mall’s smashed doors would be replaced. 
DETAILS: If anyone has any details about the July 6 ram raid, they can get in touch by calling the Police 105 number, or online at using “Update Report”. Please quote file number 230706/3829.