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Thames High students to perform free lunchtime concert

Thames High School Students will be performing at St George’s Church for Thames Music Group’s free lunchtime concert on Friday, June 23, at 12:15pm.
Thames High head of music Dr Nichi Voice said the programme was themed around Matariki, and included a mix of genres, including an original composition, singers, pianists, guitarists, and bands.

“The music department at Thames High School is currently supporting a number of junior students, having farewelled a group of talented seniors over the last two years,” she said.
“These junior students have arrived with an exciting skill level, and together they are going to create a strong department over the next few years.”
The school’s piano department, taught by Sue Williams, had several talented pianists who arrived within this year’s Year Nine cohort, joined by two recently arrived international students, Dr Voice said.
“Our guitar and bass department, taught by Mr Shade Smith, consists of all NCEA performance students, including some quite senior players: several of these students also compose their own music.
“We have a small but committed vocal ensemble, taught by Mr Duncan Bower, and it is exciting to hear their voices mature and their ensemble skills develop.
“Our drum department, taught by Miss Hannah de Koster, comprises advanced beginners through to intermediate level.
“We have a fledgling orchestral string department we look forward to presenting, along with our new woodwind players, in 2024.”