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The offender stole a freezer full of meat which had been donated by club sponsors. Photo: SUPPLIED

Club thefts renew security gate debate

A security gate suggestion has resurfaced after Hauraki North Rugby Club became the target of its second burglary in the space of five months.
The burglary, which occurred at around 9am on May 7, left a freezer full of donated meat empty and damage to the Waitakaruru clubroom doors, including one worth $3000 that had replaced a damaged door from a robbery in January.

President Andrew Williams told The Profile the latest incident had caused “continued frustration” for the club as the meat provided dinner for its 93 registered players after Wednesday and Thursday night training.
“When it does get stolen it just affects the guys making the commitment to us and it affects the farmers and the generous community who supply the meat for us, that’s what frustrates us,” he said.
“Tell the perpetrator to come to training on a Wednesday or a Thursday night when we actually feed all of our players if they are hungry.”
Andrew said a screen monitor was also stolen but the club did not use it. He said the club would contact its sponsors for replacement meat and “put a bandaid” on the damaged doors since it can’t afford to constantly replace them. “[Offenders] could be back next week and that is the issue,” he said.
“We should just leave our doors unlocked because then they don’t do the damage getting in. “We’ve got high excesses, our excess is $1000 so for us to go and claim everytime, we end up just wearing it.”
Andrew said the club had installed alarms since the previous burglaries which alert its committee members when they’re triggered.
He said while they were effective on May 7, security gates could provide extra security.
“[Gates] would be the ultimate because if people could get in but not get close I think that might help definitely,” he said.
“We would have loved to put gates in in the past but we’re not allowed to because it’s a community domain which provides access to the public.
“With technology you can grant access with apps for people who can open and shut gates or you could put things on timers like you see in a lot of regional parks but 9am on Sunday morning the gates probably would be open.” Andrew said the club will contact Hauraki District Council again to suggest installing security gates. Police said it had received a report on May 8 of a burglary at the rugby club.
“The inquiry is in its early stages but Police has reviewed some camera footage,” Police said.
“Initial information does suggest the car used by the offenders was stolen.”
For anyone who may have information which could assist Police with its inquiry into the Hauraki North Rugby Club burglary on May 7, visit, click on Update Report, quoting file number 230508/3151.