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The Waikawau boat ramp toilets have been vandalised. Photo: TCDC

Vandalism at Waikawau boat ramp toilets

There’s been a spate of vandalism at the Waikawau boat ramp toilets this week.
Thames Coromandel District Council reported a water pump has been stolen, water pipes cut and water drained several times in the last few days.
The council said it cost $360 each time for the tanks to be refilled. 
The council is working on ways to make the facility more secure. 
It has advised that continuing vandalism may force the closure of the toilets until they can be secured.

Meanwhile, Hauraki ratepayers will have to fork out roughly $10,000 for a torched toilet block on Haszard St in Waihi, on top of costs for several other vandalised sites in the district over the last 12 months. 

The council has reported the damage to the police and asked the local boat ramp society to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour.

If you have any information, please let the police know, using the reference number OR-1168216N