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The winning Hauraki RSA team. Photos: TREVOR BIRCHALL

Hauraki wins RSA sports competition

Hauraki RSA bowled, stroked and hit the bullseye to win the refreshed McCarroll cup competition against Paeroa RSA on April 2.
The cup, which was named after the McCarroll family who lived in Ngatea, involves teams from local RSA organisations competing in bowls, snooker and darts.

Hauraki RSA publicity officer Trevor Birchall said while the inaugural competition for the cup was held in 1963, the event had not been held since 2017.
“I came on the committee and wanted to find out a little about it and re-establish it so I invited the Paeroa team to come and play us and put a bit more life into it,” he said.
“We’re going to be invited back to Paeroa at a date still to be finalised… so we can play twice a year and continue it as it traditionally has been.”
Trevor said the Hauraki team, which consisted of 12 of its committee members, were “jubilant” when they won the silverware.
“There were no other words for it… Paeroa had won the snooker, darts was shared… and the bowls we happened to be slightly better,” he said.

Hauraki RSA captain Richard Coe, left, receives the McCarroll Cup from Chris Whitton.
The Paeroa RSA team.
Teams observe a bowls match.