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Year eight student Cleo Challis with her sign. Photos: GORDON PREECE

Signs take flight

A trio of protection signs designed by Moanataiari School students were unveiled and erected during a field trip to Kuranui Bay on March 29.
Principal David Brock said the signs were to let Kuranui Bay visitors know to protect the local birdlife.

“The children [who designed the signs] have displayed a passion for the area and they also have got some artistic abilities and clearly want to put their best foot forward,” he said.
The messages displayed on each sign include it’s not too late to decide our fate, birds are nesting here so be aware and birds aren’t food don’t let them be chewed.
Mr Brock said the trip, which was made possible by a $1000 Seagull Centre grant donated to the school in 2022, also involved its 149 students collecting rubbish, participating in a scavenger hunt and observing birds like the local oystercatchers.
“It’s really important work, this is one of our key local environments and we need to act as guardians for it and that’s our connection to the whole concept of kaitiakitanga and guardianship,” he said.
“It’s really significant for us as a school and for the future and our children need to learn that actually there is certain mahi [work] that needs to take place if we’re going to look after our planet.”

Haeley and Sapphire with their sign.
Tajdeep, Ezra and Malachi clean up.
Year seven students Mia McCaskill, left, and Maggie Carter with their sign.
Year five students Sherwin Joseph, left, Denzal Corry, and Ruzgar Tosun.