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The concrete barriers on Tapu-Coroglen Road have been moved. Photo: TCDC

Vandalism on Tapu-Coroglen Rd concerning

The Tapu-Coroglen Road closure is a matter of public safety and unsafe behaviours will not be tolerated, Thames Coromandel District Council said. 

Traffic control equipment including cones, safety fencing, concrete barriers and flexi posts have been moved on the road, which is currently closed due to a slip caused by the storm events earlier this year. 

The council said the unauthorised movement of traffic management features or driving through the closed area creates serious risks and will not be tolerated. 

“Safety fencing has been thrown down the embankment and large concrete barriers have been pushed over and moved down the bank. These are heavy items and would take a significant effort to move,” council’s infrastructure manager Mohamed Imtiaz said. 

“There are vehicle tracks through the road closure area. The person or people doing this have not been caught. We will be improving the onsite safety and security measures.”

Mr Imtiaz said it is not safe to use the road in the vicinity of the slip zone. 

“Geotechnical engineers have inspected the area and assessed that it’s unsafe for public use right now. The engineers have confirmed that the failure extends beyond the current slip face and there is a high risk of additional failure occurring and extending beyond the current area.”

Geotechnical investigations at the site have now been completed, and the possible repair options are being assessed. 

“We’re looking at whether realigning the road to enable a temporary single lane route is feasible, and we’ll announce whether this is possible as soon as we can.”

The council has acknowledged people’s frustration at the road closure, and has said that reopening the road is a priority. 

Please report any suspicious behaviour or vandalism by phoning 07 868 0200.